January 22, 2005

First experience of test driven development

I have been meaning to try Test Driven Development (TDD) for some time now. Until now I had been putting it off, mostly because I thought it would take quite a long time to learn and because I thought it would be a long time before I really "got it" and started seeing any real benefits. Having just written my first program using TDD, I am pleased to report that my learning time was almost nil and I saw benefits within about 20 minutes of first applying it, even for the development of a very simple program.

The basic idea behind TDD is that you write a test before you write the tested code. You don't write all the tests for a program before you start. Rather you alternate between writing a test and then writing just enough code to make the test pass. Then to clean up, you refactor the tests and the code, testing again after each step. The technique is highly iterative. In most cases, each iteration takes no more than a couple of minutes and you modify only a few lines of code.

I don't want to go into much detail because I am still at the beginner stage and I am sure there are some things I have got wrong.

The way I went about it was to rewrite a program I wrote a few weeks ago, this time using TDD. I used Visual C# 2005 together with NUnit. I configured the project to automatically run NUnit after every build.

The tangible benefits I have seen so far are:

Even at this early stage, I would encourage any programmer to try it out. The benefits are apparent even writing a program that is only a few hundred lines or so.

sounds good :-)
platinum mum
That's awesome, Al! I'm glad to see the TDD bug spreading :-)

I'll be writing an article on TDD on my web site in the next few days, but, as you demonstrated, there really isn't much to it to at least get started.

Keep us updated on how it goes and what you learn along the way.
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